Four Year and Five Months

4 years + 5 months= how long I nursed E. I sometimes hesitate to talk about this because full term breastfeeding can be controversial a lot of the time. But in early April I told her that it was time to say goodbye to nursing. She was nursing max of once a day (sometimes going days without) and I just wanted to finalize it in a beautiful way. I never in a million years imagined going so long, and though it had it’s ups and downs it is something I am incredibly proud of and will cherish the sweet memories.

So we had a little celebration. I made cake. We bought her a bicycle. We had a tea party with her favorite foods. Yes, it was hard work on my part so maybe I should have chosen my favorite foods, but have you ever tried to tell a 4 year old that a celebration about something to do with her isn’t all about her?


She requested a strawberry cake with pink roses. Friends, I made the whole thing from scratch, cooking down strawberries and then topping the cakes with strawberry cream cheese frosting. It was beautiful if I do say so myself, and it tasted delicious.


E got a bicycle as a gift.

We had strawberry raspberry tea (it’s by Twinings and it’s delightfully pink and fruity) and salmon with cream cheese sandwiches. And oh yes, I bought her her favorite pink roses. She was really pleased with it all, and it was such a sweet way to say goodbye to that part of us.

Elevate the every day indeed.

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