Goodness Kate, Get It Together


I start this blog back up. I say it’ll be a regular thing. And then….life. I am horrible about taking time for myself and scheduling in time to write. I always say I need to but there always seems to be something else that takes priority in the moment. But damnit, that’s enough. I miss writing. I miss just laying thoughts down and letting them breathe.

G had double jaw surgery about a week ago and it’s been rough because he’s been in pain. But the good news is that it means he’s home for a bit and I have time to work out a schedule where I can write. We’ve been back in England for 10 months and to be honest it’s been rough. All the things we used to love got a lot more complicated with 3 young children. Also, I’ve never found it easy to just jump in and be friends with everyone and their mother, so it’s slow going finding my community/tribe here.

I waffle between not jumping in, or just laying out who I am and letting a person take it or leave it. But too often if you say, “This is me” it’s easy for the other person to instead hear, “This is how I’m awesome and if you do things differently you suck.” People have a bad tendency to take what someone says about who they are and internalize it into a critique of their own value. Dude, I’m just telling you what I’m into. I don’t really care if it’s how you do you. Sure, I want everyone to eat real foods and whatnot because that’s something I’m passionate about. But you want to order takeaway 3 nights a week? Good for you. Takeaway is damn delicious.

I think that’s why I love writing this blog. Because this is me. Imperfect. Spouting strongly held opinions. Aiming for daily pockets of beauty and joy.


  1. So very happy to see you getting back to your writing! It will get easier now that the girls are getting older. Love your blog!

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