Oh The Days Are Long…

…but the years are short.

I recently read a quote that simply stated, “I remember the days I prayed for what I have now.” And it’s so true. Those days of calling out to God, wondering why we weren’t able to have children. They are blessings. Even if they are plague and pestilence.


Since moving here it’s been one cold or illness after another, not just for the children but G and I too. It’s made keeping house, cooking whole meals, or even blogging difficult. I’m hoping that warmer weather brings an end to it. (Then again, Amelia was throwing up last night. Ugh.)


Last weekend it hit 57F so we went out, mowed the lawn and played in the sun. The twins had never seen bubbles before, and were both slightly terrified and slightly in awe of them. We hung diapers to dry in the sunshine, drank coffee on a picnic blanket, and enjoyed the promise of more sunshine to come.


The Twinkles need hats to protect their fair skin. I try and rub sunscreen in, but I’m always afraid I’ll miss a bit since they’re so squirmy.


All in all, a beautiful day with my beautiful family. Here’s hoping there are many, many more sunny days to come.



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