Pancake Perfection


I want to be that family that has pancakes every Saturday, preferably with a nice fruit salad and mimosas. But we’ve been in this house 4 1/2 months and I still hadn’t braved pancakes. My grandmama’s cast iron flat pan I always used for pancakes has a ring on the bottom, so wouldn’t work for the glass cooktop (we won’t even talk about my antique cast iron waffle pan). I’m still getting used to an electric hob anyway, so I’ll admit I was a bit afraid.

However, today I woke up and told them, “We’re having pancakes.” I quickly looked up a new buttermilk pancake recipe, which can be found here. They were so tasty I’m writing it down as our new go to. I switched pans after the first pancake was a bust, but finally one of the old cast iron pans was the right size. Sure, there were a couple ones with hints of being cajun (i.e. blackened). In the end, though, we ended up with enough pancakes for all 5 of us. While the pancakes cooked I made coffee, heated up a saucier of butter and maple syrup (we don’t have a microwave), and toasted pecans in the previously too small pan. Sliced a few bananas, and suddenly there it was: brunch.

It wasn’t perfect, but it was just right. We ate in the conservatory, with the sun streaming in and the babies enthralled with their first taste of pancakes. Not a bad way to start a Saturday at all.


  1. We had these for breakfast on the first day of school. It was a good start to our school year and gave me a super mom boost to know I can handle schooling and still be a great home maker.

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